Kids arrangement

Jude been place under my parent care during weekday for the past 2 weeks. While Manfred pretty much taken care by my pil.

Guilt strike me for I don’t get to see Jude on daily basis. I worried he will not adjust well. But he seem pretty ok except mum say Jude did mention once he wants to go bak to his yie yie (grandpa) house.

It’s a struggle to not see Jude, but I don’t want to place
Jude in kindie yet and I do not want to let go of my current “job”. Which I enjoy it so much, and I get so much sense of fulfillment doing it.

I went through quite an emotional turmoil as I practically couldn’t sleep well thinking of Jude. 😦 Heheh so today I suck big time, I decided to bring him back this week, bless hope my pil can cope for a day. I still will place Jude at my parents later becoz I think it’s less stressful for my pil, and my parent really could enjoy jude’s company. Myself? Buried myself in work for coming 4months time, I got dateline and lots of personal goal to achieve.


3 thoughts on “Kids arrangement

  1. as the saying goes, the grass is always greener on the other side, but now u have experienced being a SAHM, stop working to be with the boys for 4 years, I am sure u will now know which is best for you. Am happy to hear that u enjoy your job now. Plus, u are very fortunate to have parents and in laws staying nearby !

  2. dont will eventually become a routine n u wont hv such feelings.
    in fact, last school hol, P spent 1 whole week with my parents and i had independence for a week. and imagine for that week, i got some many things done.

  3. Just read that you are back to the corporate world? How come? I totally wish I had a chance to stay home & do more baking & have a decent time to shop till i drop!!! But no chance leh … have to wake up and leave house by 6.45am to reach office at 8am .. sob! sob!

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