Officially maidless

Officially, our domestic helper that been with us for 2years went back to her home land on 19June2011. She was very happy on the night before she left. She been happy for a week since her parent call her every other day.

I gave her a heart shape pendant. She was very happy. Sunday morning she woke up early and MIL said she dolled up and all ready to go.

I didn’t check her bag. I think she have proven her honesty to me and I actually do trust her 99.9% that she didn’t take anything that doesn’t belong to her. We send her to agent place and I asked my boys to bid her good bye. Jude refuse to and when we drove away, Jude cried big time wanting kakak to come back.

I told her to call back the moment she reach safely. At evening she did call back and informed us that she landed safe and sound, with her parent. They must be really happy to finally see each other again. I wish all the best in her life and hope that the time she spent with us, she has learnt something and her experience with us had enriched her life in some way.

I have learnt something from her. And truly grateful for the time that she spent with us. We been maidless for a week, and things are pretty much in control. Less shopping and we spent more time at home now. Hub is baby sitting more also. He was kind enough to take the boys when I finish some chores and do the ironing. Let’s hope his passion stick.


3 thoughts on “Officially maidless

  1. wow, you’re working and also no maid now! but it’s fantastic that you have 2 sets of granparents to help with the boys. we have one more year to go with our maid.

  2. i m planning to send mine back too, but hubby a bit reluctant when he thought of having to do so much at home although he dislike the maid a lot, hahaha….

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