Fun time

Finally this week I am more used to not having Jude around till Thursday. I can focus more on work.. And thursday become my favorite day. Cause it’s family day! Parent will send Jude bak to Cheras after his Shichida.

I been receiving his daily video, thanks to iPhone, whatsapp, jean and Billy… I receive Jude video daily. And thanks parent as I can see Jude is so well taken care off… Truly happy and thriving little Todd…….

Today M&J play elephant leg game together… FUN FUN FUN… the laughter is all that matters, the time we spent together, it’s all that matters…
And I have a fun activity planned for coming weekend. Let’s hope we get to do it as scheduled.


One thought on “Fun time

  1. Baby Darren

    Glad that you are adjusting well to your routine. I’m sure the kids are well taken care of by their grandparents. Wish you havea great weekend!

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