Fruitful weekend…..

Last saturday hub was working.

Bersih 2.0 was happening.

I was home grounded.

Hub would have wanted to go Bersih 2.0 if he wasn’t working.

I would have bring the boys to mall if no road closure.

In the end, I let M&J washed all their toys with me in the front porch. I gave them each a piece of cloth, and a pail of shampoo water. And they scrub everything away willingly. And I scrub the front porch floor, Spring clean my own room, scrubbed the toilet.

The reward? I feel fulfilling and very fruitful day. I know I still can handle house chores myself, plus making it fun for M&J. We survived a weekend without going out, plus only 1 hour of TV time and lots of playing time.

The price?


















Sore muscle till today…………………………


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