Jude’s diet

How early your kiddos start to be able to chew properly? I believe each kids varies.

Jude started rice since 7-8months old.(he will ask for a taste of our rice, so We give a pinch and he takes pretty well).

Jude takes solid pretty well, and he takes rice, noodles, spaghetti, bread, soups well….. Except vege and meat(chunks). If you cooked it with porridge till real soft then he will wallop all the meat and vege, but not anything stirred fried that sort. Yesterday finally he able to chew well some pork and blanched broccoli that I gave him together with rice and soup. He finish all of it… Giving it a proper chew before swallow it too…

I am so happy…….. And he snack on some steam fish too………


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