Melaka Trip 19.8.11

We went on a Melaka trip again. Been wanting to bring them to Melaka Zoo and finally plan realized! It was a very relaxing trip. We didnt’ have much listed on our itinerary.

We planned to depart at 9am from KL but we slept till 8.45am!!! Hub was so dearly as he woke up earlier than me and he has actually pre-loaded lots of stuffs into the car.. (IT hasn’t been like this for awhile.. 😛 Guess he pick up the “tempo” of maidless gradually.. praise LORD for this!)

We depart 1hour later than planned. WE reached Ayer Keroh at 11.30am and we head straight to the Zoo. RM5 per adult.. its really a very economical outing to Melaka Zoo.. hahahaha honestly, the zoo is really nothing up to my expectation. The animals look so ill, locked up in such a small confined cubicle.. I can see most of them look so ‘depress”. Nevertheless, the boys have awesome good fun looking at all the animal exhibit. It took us 2.5hours to finish circling the whole area. Luckily we brought  2 strollers cause honestly it’s quite exhausting to ask two young toddler to walk on themselves.

We ate our lunch at 2.30pm in the zoo. It rained a while during lunch. We then walked into the mini safari. The highlight was, Manfred took out his crocs claiming there’s something inside.. in the process of cleaning his shoes and putting it back on, somehow it dropped into the mini safari… OPS!

After mini safari, they played at the playgrounds at the zoo entrance. They played for a good 30minutes and they were really enjoying themselves. Jude didn’t want to leave the ZOO!! HE wailed when we went back to the car. I can tell he loves it there.. Despite the animal exhibit look bit “pityful” under maintained..

We checked into Holiday Inn at 4.30pm. They saw the swimming pool from our room and myself was tempted go for a dip. And we did went for a good dip! Good news is they are now finally comfortable to swim with only arm floats. I can’t be happier! and they make friends at the pool.. all by themselves.

We went out for dinner at 6.45pm. Jude fall asleep during dinner time. WE didn’t wake him up as he was really tired. We had nyonya dinner at Ole-Sayang restaurant. Food was good and reasonably priced. 4dishes with 2 cendols and cost us RM50 only…

We initially wanted to go to Jonker street but change plan to go to Parkson instead cause we figured we will not enjoy the sweaty feeling at night market! We bought some groceries from Giant. Then the very hungry Jude wailed big time over every small matters. So we brought him to eat noodles soup. WE were drop dead tired by 10pm. We went to drive thru and get sundae as promised and went back to hotel to chill. They enjoyed their desserts and cartoons. 11pm ZzzZZZzzz

The next day PIL, SIL and BIL came join us for some melaka delicacies. We went have nyonya laksa at donald & lily; bunga raya popiah, TKH durian cendol. Didn’t have much to eat and time were limited, we left melaka at 3.15pm.

As I am typing this, I am so tired but happy at the same time. This is first outing we had after my maid left. I manage to unpacked everything, washed up everything all by myself, while hub did a great job entertaining them while I do the cleaning…

We end up having to buy a new shoe for him. CAuse this round we didn’t bring any extra pairs of SHOES!!!! We were lucky somehow we manage to grab a pair at promo price. RM49 only. And we spend another RM17.80 to get them each 1 jibbitz.

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3 thoughts on “Melaka Trip 19.8.11

  1. That sounds like a warm and lovely getaway!

    And bravo to yourself Lyn for being able to handle everything without a helper. 🙂
    It’s tiring but it is worth it all and the sense of satisfactory is priceless, isnt it?

  2. so happy u like my hometown!! wahahaha…not bad ya, can survive with a kakak. This sat kakak is leaving for a holiday back home for the first time. So tempted to travel, but without her, don’t really have the guts to go anywhere!

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