I haven’t been updating on the Jude’s update on regular basis. That doesn’t mean I don’t take note of his new milestones. I wish I have more time but really I couldn’t only manage to work, house work, spend some quality time with them, establish a schedule. Really hasn’t have much time to blog.

As previous post, the boys are both off bottles for quite some times. They still drink fresh milk or full cream milk 1 to 2 times a day. Jude need the milk more than Manfred. Every night before Jude goes to bed he usually will ask for a cup of warm milk. Boy, sometimes it’s so hard to get him to eat. Dont’ get me wrong, he still eat quite a decent amount of food, most time by forced. Sometimes he gives you hard time at meal time, sometimes he just eat non stop.

Today I fed him porridge at 8pm and then I went out for a jog. Came back at 8.30pm and saw him munching on bread. WHAT>?! Yes, that’s Jude –  unpredictable. I guess cause Manfred whom was under weather had bread for dinner, Jude sees Kor kor eat bread he also must make sure he gets “equal share” of it.

He is absolutely super talkative. He just talk non stop, yak non stop, sing non stop, jump non stop, laugh non stop, then cry non stop, then the cycle repeats. Well the point is, he is just full of energy. So energetic that it’s actually exhausting for me. hahahahahahah but still love him to bit!

He still weigh 12.7KG. Hasn’t measure on the height yet, but looks like he grown taller. And therefore look skinnier. He just had his Hep-A immunization. (4months late due to hectic schedule, he fall sick when I have time to bring him to clinic etc)  He did whined a little but I remind him he shouldn’t shout during immunization in order to get vitagen as reward. And he was definitely proud to be a big brave boy when redeem his reward. He even went home telling people about his small “plaster” on his thigh.

Loves medicine. So much that each and everyday he will tell you he is sick and need to drink medicine. Psycho! It escalate to horror episode when Manfred fall ill last 3days. I brought Manfred to clinic and tag Jude along. THe nurse gave Manfred suppository and Jude assume he will get his “share” too. So when we bid doctor goodbye, Jude became furious and WAILED BIG TIME!!!!!

“WooWaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. I want to poke buttock also~!”

Yes , that was exactly what he said. HE wanted doctor to poke his buttock oso cause kor kor get buttock poked! (on side note, we use poke to describe immunization).

And then when we took the medicine, He wailed again wanting to hold it. In the car he just hold 2 bottles of med and happily say:” This one my one ar, this one my one ar…..” So when reach home i feed Manfred medicine, hard time forcing Manfred take medicine, at the same time Jude crying wanting to eat medicine. So you could imagine how chaotic when that happen.

Well so much chaos and so much stressful and hair pulling moment. But each and every day I feel grateful to be given another day, to see the boys being the usual mischief self, cause that means they are growing, healthy and happy.


4 thoughts on “Jude

  1. eh, my 2 boys also got addiction to medicine like Jude one wor…kinda worrying because sometimes when they are not sick, they will ask me to open fridge for it just because of their craving. So when one is sick and one is not, lagi teruk lor.

    So what i did was to place some fish oil / Jing Nom Bi Ba Kao into the medicine bottle. Feed them from those bottles lor….sigh…

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