Genting Highland getaway 17Aug2011

OH yeah! We went there again! Back in August, but too busy to blog about it. This round, we only bought tickets for the boys, they went on the rides all by themselves. WE did all the family rides the last time we were there, and looking at they are both quite independent now, we decided to let them ride themselves. They only go on the merry go round, the paris tower thing, bumper car and ferris wheel, and choo choo train. They went for many many rounds, so many rounds that money paid for the tickets is worth while!

This time my MIL and her friend tag along to get some “khang tau” from Uncle Lim, well well my MIL and her friend were sure very happy that day! SO you know what I mean la. We had so much fun that we spent our time in Genting highland till abour 6pm. WE expect a massive Jam but to our surprise the traffic was all the way smooth till we reach home.

It was a great trip experiences. They boys both behave pretty well, and could tell they definitely loves all the kids ride there, We will gothere again, to the outdoor the next time we there! 

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