Hot hot hot!

First of all, I don’t know what’s the matter with me. I sweat a lot today. I just feel hot hot hot! Even right after shower I perspire non stop! Suddenly I need air cond so much again!

Why I said “again”? Well, actually we been Reducing our air cond usage a Lot since 3weeks back. Started off due to my boys running nose, not well, then at the same time we think it’s best we reduce air cond usage to reduce our electricity bill. And we been told by so many times too much air cond could only do bad to our body..

Successfully we could sleep through the night without air cond till the next morning. And no air cond till I go to work. Now we just switch on the air cond for 1 hour to cool up the room.(our room has direct west sun light which make it extremely hot after sun set.) then we rely on fan only throughout the night. And eventually we
Starts to feel chilly when its midnight.

So next project is to have mosquito net fixed! We gonna stick to sleep without air cond… :p


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