Little show n tell


Photo narration goes like this:-

Pic 1- Once upon a time, there was a little piggy who was very jovial, he loves to roam around the jungle and make friends,

Pic 2 – One day, he fell into a trap that made by a poacher that cost little piggy an eye. Now he looks like a piggy pirate.

Pic 3 – days goes by and piggy has no friends to play with cause everyone joke at him looking like a pirate… He is now a very angry and unhappy piggy whom is alone and sad.

Okay, not a typical story to tell a 2yo and 4yo. Let’s keep this story till they are adult… 🙂 how do u like the pirate piggy and sad piggy done by manfred?
I have to give him merit for the effort to draw it all by himself, although outcome became something not so cute and jovial..

We had great fun on a Friday evening painting away, while daddy work late during month end meeting…



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