What does LOA means to you? Well it sure isn’t something new.. I have known this term for a pretty long time. At least during courtship with my then boyfriend, LOA brought out the “best” in me.

Confirmed! My boys especially Jude is acting out solely due to LOA. Guilty as charged. I can’t undo what’s been done, but I am ever ready to make changes. Sigh…. If I ever get to choose, I will so stay home 24-7. But since things at work is pretty much on track, I will not quit, not that I have a choice to quit…..also I enjoy working, it would be perfect if I only need to sleep 4hours a day. Too bad I really needed 8hours a day.

I will play more with Jude, he shall be placed under my care, and my mil care so he gets “a dose” of me on daily basis. I shall work 4 or 4.5days a week max…. I should reach home latest by 5.30pm… And I need a part time cleaner by Jan, to do the ironing and some washing.

God been great to me. Lots of prayers answered except M&J turned angel over night. I guess God did answered my prayer and the answer is No! I need to work on this my own, with god’s divine guidance of course.

What I trying to say is, I spent a good amount of time with M&J, J gives me lesser head ache, (listen,
It’s lesser, not none) at least last night he only poured the whole cup of milk onto his booster chair tray. As oppose to today he wet his pants, then hold a book and walk down the stairs without looking, then poured a cup
Of water onto his booster chair tray, then wet his pants again, then poured water On kitchen floor that i just finished mop……..my blood pressure? I tell me!

The thing is, he probably just needed more
Of my attention. He is so angelic when I
Ditch everything and just hold him in my arms and seats him on my lap. He giggles and laugh over every little thing i said, each line from story book I read he burst out laughing………… And I am happy………. Wish we could have more of those laughing moment………


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