Genting Nov2011

It was a Monday, hub took a day off after a havotic crazy cramp weekend during my bro wedding. Wedding post later. :p

We wanted to bring the boys to genting again. Ok, we could do Sunway lagoon or bird park or Zoo or what so ever, but really with our humid weather, genting kinda win a lot of time.

We depart late at 12pm, and hub suggest we Ta pau some food up since I have packed coffee with us too. We went Ta pau chap fan coz I figure that will be the best choice as it will last us till we back kl.

The highlight of the trip was, hub realize he didn’t refill his fuel tank, right after we pass the toll, heading on to the road to genting highland. And we thought we could make it, but we couldn’t. We had to stop our car about 500m away from the temple. And none of us knew what to do. In my heart I said I surrender to God and what I could do at that moment was to eat chap fan and feed the boys. Hahahha

God is with us every minute cause in less than 5min time, a polis bantuan pass by and they fetch hub up to the petrol station to buy some fuel. Me? Relax and slowly eat my chap fan and feed my boys lo. By the time we fixed the fuel problem, the boys were full and ready for action.

Boy the crowd was more than the few time we went cause the school holiday has started. But it’s not as bad as during weekend. The boys patiently q for the rides and they pretty much behave very well. They went on the de paris ride, Choo Choo train, merry go round and bumper car. Their attention span is about 30min cause they were patient when q for the rides, but once 30mins is up, they want to move to another ride.


We left at 4.30 to go back to klang to take back my car. It was raining cats and dogs. The boys fall asleep right after they got into the car.


We drop by First Subang Mall for Japanese food at Edo Ichi. I went once and I absolutely heart their salad with sesame dressing and I wanted hub to try it too.








The dinner was good
Except the squid. The boys had soba. They both heart the soba, and Jude fall
In love with their grill sting ray fin, while MAnfred said unagi was his favorite.


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