Manfred 4th birthday

It was a Wednesday. School had a celebration for all the nov birthday children one day earlier. I ordered McQueen cake from Cynthia and she was so kind to have it sent to manfred school for me. And I get to see princess Breanna too.

This year we really celebrate his birthday in such small scale. I didn’t even get a party pack for his classmate.
This is the cake baked by Cynthia.


Daddy opened up this car track set and let Manfred play it for a week. Just as what daddy promised about 2mths back. This set is awesome but it takes up too big of a space and we have no choice to have it as a special occasion toy treat!


On his actual birthday, we brought him to 1utama indoor playground. Daddy did a great job playing with them in the playground while I steal an hour plus to meet up with a client nearby. We also had dinner at chilis and had cake treat at toast box. Why toast box for cake right? Oh, that’s what the birthday boy ask for, so that’s what he was getting.

Happy 4th birthday Manfred, you have grown to such a big boy now. You always make mummy so proud and pray that God will continue to bless you So you grow up healthily and become wiser as you grow older.


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