Penang 4Dec-6Dec 2011

It was a very last minute planning. PIL had relative(Aunt M) came from UK and PIL want to spend sometimes at Aunt M holiday house, which is situated in batu ferringhi.

SIL had planned a trip ahead of us which they will be there from 5Dec-7Dec. Hub not wanting to take so many off day, we opt to go down to penang one day earlier. SIL had booked Hard Rock Hotel. We able to grab on a good deal from HRH after checking on the promo for 3days. We got a seaview deluxe room with KingBed at RM693.68.  IT was a great deal!

It was rather a very short and rush trip. We didn’t get to do much. First day we dropped by Ipoh town for some Chicken rice, and ta pau some famous kaya puff. (No picture sorry as I realize it’s all gone before I could snap any picture!) By the time we reach at Aunt M house, it was already 4pm and Manfred wet his Pants! haha

We settle our PIL down at Aunt M place, she took us for a round tour around her condo swimming pool. Her condo has magnificent view of the pool, as well as the sea.. and it was very windy too. Definitely a great place for vacation. WE checked into hotel by 4.30pm. The room was all ready, as well as my boys, they were all ready to dip into the pool. Thank lord they still behave greatly while waiting for me to unpack and change them into swimming suit. They had great 1.5hour swimming and playing with the water slide.

Jude at first was being paranoid, he was standing at the slides there for good 5 mins, mumbling non stop, while hub waited at the pool for him to slide down… Jude didn’t, he came down from stairs instead, and said:”daddy this one dangerous!” Well, then hub took him down the slides twice, and he discover the fun of it. then he told hub:”daddy, I big boy already, I can go myself!” That’s when he takes off to fun of water sliding… never look back!

We then drive down to gurney drive for dinner at 7pm. WE had good share of wantan mee, assam laksa, cendol, ah pom. char kuey teow at Gurney food courts. It was horrendous jam on the way there from our hotel, and good 20min getting a car park and walking to the food court. By the time we were done, it was already 945pm.

The next morning, we ate some light breakfast in the room, and then we spent some time at Lil Rock corner. They have some toys and activities to keep the kids occupied. Manfred and Jude joined the Lil Chef session at 1030am. It was meant for kids 4-12 only, but they allow Jude to join too cause Jude didn’t want to leave the room. Luckily the taecher say Jude pretty much behave well.

WE then drove down to Penang road for my favourite assam laksa and cendol. It was good to finally taste the awesome assam laksa that I had 4years plus back, when I was preggy with Manfred. After that we drove back to hotel for a dip again! While we wait for SIL and her children to join us. M&J started to swim from 2.20pm, till between, hotel had a sumo wrestling game,hub took part for the fun of it and he won, we were given a CD.

SIL reach about 3.30pm and the kids jump right into the pool.  At night we had dinner with Aunt M and her daughter, D and Son-in -law ST and their beautiful new addition, bb Sarah. They treat us to a awesome Penang nyonya food. The nasi ulam was so so good! like fried rice but with very rich flavour of spices..we also visited full of beans after dinner and good chatting. It was 10pm when we leave.

M&J fall asleep on our way back hotel. SIL drop by Aunt M place for dessert and a short tour on Aunt M place. The boys sleep soundly tilll next morning.  In the morning, we went out to grab a light breakfast, and they boys dip into the pool again at 11am. While I showered myself, pack everything and check out the hotel. The kids swim till 1pm and we had them shower at the pool side toilet. After that we went to town to grab some food. WE ate mee goreng, mee rebus and wantan mee for the kids. we hit the road about 3pm. stopping by Ipoh to buy Kaya puff and we reach Kl at 7pm, it was horrendous KL jam again, we ate dinner and head home for rest.

It was a short but definitely fun holiday. WE didn’t do much, but all had good time. probably except my PIL, hahah they didn’t have much to do there and they don’t swim! and they have to detach from their beloved Astro for 3days.. the unpacking is all done and I am hoping to do more trips like this. The boys can enjoy themselves at pool, and we adult can chill by the pool.



2 thoughts on “Penang 4Dec-6Dec 2011

  1. Hard rock is the best hotel in penang i suppose if you wish to spend lots of time in there and do not wanna travel around. We will do a quick stop in Penang soon, but certainly only have time to spend in town eating out hearts out!

    1. Lynette Chua

      Chin nee, Thanks for dropping by my blog, hard rock was definitely a great Place to just laze in hotel whole day. If you wan enjoy great glorious Penang food, gurney still the best place to stay.

      I know u r heading to Penang month end, have fun!

      Sent from my iPhone

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