Some thought on Marriage

I been married to my hub for 5.5years, we have known each other for about 15years. We are not the golden couple whereby we fall in love and live happily ever after like in fairy tales.

We met, we went into courtship, we fought, we broke up, we did silly things, we reconciled, we broke up again, reconciled again, and again and again then one day one of us realize we couldnt live without each other and decided to get married. Then went through the chaotic period of planning for wedding, booking of dinner hall, then couldn’t find, then my grandpa pass away bla bla bla, somehow we made it, and we are proud parent to 2very healthy boys.

Things is, in my past 5.5years of marriage, the first 4years was a super smooth sail one, with myself little bit carried away….. I forgot about everything in life is God given, and I shall not take credit for any of it. Of course I have my lesson learnt. I been through time whereby I thought my marriage wasn’t gonna survived, I thought about how I was going to go on as a single mother, divorcee bla bla bla
Somehow, we made it…….. I was so lost and things were that bad that I thought there will be no way of going back…..(bad as in no communication at all….. )

Somehow, I prayed, like a very small girl, cause I didn’t know how to pray, but I learn and pray, and pray and then learn again, and pray, and a relationship was established, between me and God…. And I cant possibly explain that feeling to you, cause it was exclusive, and you need to go through it to know exactly how u feel, no word
Could describe. But I am ever grateful to have Lord presence.

Came 2012, we were at a place high up enjoying fire work…with the boys. On our way back,
I told him:”happy new year dear!”

He replied:”happy new year, what a year! And we survived.”

Yes, we survived, we both know how
Hard it was, both know how depressed we were, but yes, we are both glad we made it. We survived it. And we held an even stronger bond.

I heard story of friends’ divorce news. Married couple that is at the edge of giving up the marriage, walk out of the marriage, taking time out, or want to take time out from the marriage, took time out and trying hard to reconcile etc etc………

Friends and family our there, when things are bad, trust me, we are never alone. We have God, and God had place many many people around us. That could lift a helping hand anytime, just ask for it. Many went through what you might be going through, they might not have told you, but they had…. And always believe, nothing bad that happen to us was meant to
Destroy……… It is always meant to built up something with even
Stronger foundation.


6 thoughts on “Some thought on Marriage

  1. jess

    Nice one. I believes every couple, husband n wife went thru the similar situation. Not all sail sailed smoothly…it all depend on weather. It same as husband n wife where we need a lot of understanding n compromise.
    I hope u gonna have a happy family n happy new year.

  2. yes, when we are in happy mode, we tend to forgot and took advantage of what GOD given. In any times, we should stay on strong faith in GOD, and keep praying for better ones.. GOD Bless

  3. it is surely isn’t easy, for 2 souls who come from different background, family, believe to live together as husband and wife under one roof. I too, have the same thought with you, imagine that I would be alone, walking down my life in the remaining years. Went through each moment like u described and still we survived 🙂

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