Orientation Day (Jude)

Jude been waiting to attend school since mid 2011. He sees his brother attend school everyday and he thinks it will be something fun to do. Each time we drop Manfred to school, Jude will whined and claimed he wants to join in too. I would have enrolled him back in July but I feel he was still too young to join in.

So when school holiday over and I brought Jude to his kindergarten orientation day, he was beaming with joy! Blur me I thought Manfred had orientation too! But it was fine, Manfred did a great job accompanying Jude in the classroom while I sit outside and see other kids dramas.

See… He was so happy to be in his uniform and his bag. He eyed on the McQueen school bag for so many months and we finally bought it for him in Nov.

During the orientation day, Jude did painting first. He refuse to put on the apron at first. But later when kor kor came to join in the painting session and wore an apron, Jude immediately request an apron for himself too. Looks like this little Jude looks up to his brother a lot! Imitate each and every action of his big brother!

See! Kor kor wear he also want to wear. 

Later he saw play dough, which is his favourite, so he quickly rushed to the next station. See how tiny he is… LOL















Very concentrated on his play dough session.

Later on teacher let them line up like a choo choo train and go for toilet break. Manfred accompanied Jude and I stay outside the classroom to wait.  Jude was amused with the idea of choo choo train and he likes it cause teacher keep singing lots of nursery rhymes. I know Jude loves it cause I saw him smiling all the way.

Singing song for Snack time! Jude look as if he was really bored.

Playing with puzzles!

Manfred the drummer boy!

Teacher later mark attendance. Teacher call Jude Law and seems like Jude doesn’t know it was him. He only respond to “Jude” or “Law Yan Hao”. hahhaah this is quite hilarious, when home i remind him that he has to answer when teacher call him “Jude Law”!!!

And Jude wailed big time when it’s time to go home. I guess 1.5hours session was way too little for him. He cried big time regardless of how I coax him.


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