Seen this? Some school could have average 50 students, some only 30-35.. how do we choosE? How you choose? WHY?

Help! How do you decide where to place them in primary school? Private school is not an option for us now. Chinese school? National school? Why?

Chinese school or National school, do you pick the best school? or the one less packed? how do we know if the teachers there are ok? How we know if that is a school that is A grade? Is there such a thing?

Please, I need advise… DESPERATELY~!


6 thoughts on “School…………….

  1. I have been having the same thoughts even Breanna is just 3 years old.. and I was hoping to get into the new school that will be opening soon in my area. I believe then the student head count will be lower, however I believe as active participating parents, we can make the school a good learning place. I was sent to a national secondary school which has bad names those days, but with the co-operation of the PIBG, we managed to clean the name, and make good of the school too. I don’t think I am all agree on the high headcount of students, if there will be insufficient teachers and guidance.

  2. jess

    I know the feeling of being a parent. Scare the school not up to the standard, no homework, no teacher n etc the list will go on. My hubby is in the education line n I have seen parent who are very kiasu. They registered their kids in a gd school but yet there are staying far away. Ended up suffer will be the kid n parent. Kid travelling was hassle n parent ferrying them also troublesome. Think twice before making a decision. Hope to hear frm u soon.

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