Who says Dragon year good?!

Well, it hasn’t been a great start for us in term of health issue. In Friday Manfred develop rash on whole body plus mild fever. Followed by a paed visit for Jude cause he also developed fever and suffer from constipation. He was given enema plus some cough, cold and fever syrup.

I expect them to be on their way to recovery. However they both seem to be fine one day and got worst the other.

We had to bring Jude to clinic on first day of CNY at 4pm, he was given suppository and his throat was swelling. He was prescribe with augmentin too.

On 2nd day I had to lug a lot of stuffs along as we have 2places to visit before I could go back to my parents place for 2nights. 2nd night Manfred’s turn to develop again another fever.

HELP!!!!! As I am typing this, it’s the 3rd day, and I have decided to just stay home and have steamboat session as planned.. I want the boys to rest as much as they could to recuperate. No more visiting! Until they are all well again!


8 thoughts on “Who says Dragon year good?!

    1. Lynette Chua


      Thank you so much. We just back from another clinic visit for manfred. You take care and wish you a great year ahead Cynthia.

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  1. jess

    The weather doesn’t seem good. It best to stay home sometimes. My mum sick as well. Having some antibiotics n some flu medicine. Is best to have something clear. Steamboat is great but watch out everything must be fully cook. Enjoy this CNY. About the school thingy let us enjoy this CNY n we discuss it later. I have asked my hubby about it. Take care.
    And lastly hope both ur sons get well soon.

    1. Lynette Chua

      Elaine, Speedy recovery to your kiddos too. I read in your fb about your sick kiddos too…. Sigh… This cny I see most people fall sick.

      Pray to those whom not well will soon be healed.

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