My Jude

Jude is, unique. No words could describe him. He is witty, smart, talkative, entertaining, very joyous when he is in good mood!

He attended 3weeks pre school, go on CNY holiday for a week. He been singing non stop of the songs he learnt from school. He will sing good afternoon song, meal time song, plus a mandarin CNY song. The good afternoon and meal time song he can sing from start to end, not a single word missed!!!!

I don’t recall Manfred singing the whole song till he is 3.5yo. That was like 1year spent in kindie.

But Jude can be quite a show off boy, so he grabs every single opportunity to show off his ‘talent’ or ‘gift’! Hahaha

He still loves school! And today OTW to school, he repeats what I always tell him to do in school.

Jude: go to school must finish all the food, must listen to teacher, must drink water, and must finish all the water……. ……… Inaudible sound while I drive.

Yes, he yak non stop everyday. So sometimes i need to filter a bit so I can concentrate driving.

Oh ya, for the past few months, we been feeling tired when we carry him. I suspect he finally put on weight. I could see all his pants are tight at the waist line, but wasn’t sure.

Finally, before CNY, we were at my SILs, Jude saw a
Weighing scale, he stepped on it and said:”what’s my number a?”

We burst out laughing. What a way to ask! He weigh 14.6kg now. He gain about 2kg! And he is now over 90cm.
He is still relatively smaller frame compared to Manfred.

Feeding was a struggle since few weeks back. He takes an hour average to finish his meal. Especially when it’s a rice meal. It was because he refuse to Chew on his food.

I decided that’s it!!! I must let him eat all by himself. And lower my expectation on how much he can take. So long I know his tummy is not empty.

Thank God meal time is shorter, and he actually eat better when he self feed. Probably because he is such a curious and energetic kid, feeding himself require concentration, hence he will automatic chew and swallow his food.


3 thoughts on “My Jude

    1. Lynette Chua

      Hi Merryn, need not frown, u see me and my hub u will understand, we are genetically big and fat! Hahahahahahah

      Manfred is 4y3m is 21kg and 112cm.. Manfred will grow up envious of Ethan’s body that can fit into skinny jeans. 😦

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