Manfred’s home reading

Reading – a habit that hub and myself doesn’t have from young. And I feel less privileged due to that. So we vowed to make the boys read as much as we could.

We started with Usborne Very First Reading since a year plus with Manfred. He was real slow in picking up. He will recite the whole story to you but not able to recognize the words. Anyhow persistency of reading daily pays off. He can now learn to read the words using phonics sound he learn from school. So now he can recognize the words. Schools using Heinemann for reading and this year I can see he can read better. Once I was pretty stress cause I feel he was rather behind his peer. Praise Lord I remind myself to let him learn at his own pace. And true enough, he learn better with no stress. Lately I bought another 7books from Usborne very first reading and he is able to read a few of them by his own.

And he starts to see read some words from signboard, billboards, whenever we are out. And last week he surprised me by spelling out Papparich perfectly by his own!

By this I need to remind myself to continue the reading habit with him, and myself. For there is a Chinese saying “there ought to be golds hidden in books” 书中自有黄金屋!


One thought on “Manfred’s home reading

  1. Happy to hear that your kids love reading and great job in instilling the habit in them. Sad to say that Darren doesn’t like reading though hubby and myself read. I think I must work harder to get him interested in books.

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