Little merit – Jude

Another candy lover whom had to go to dentist at tender age of 2.5.

We wrestled a battle trying to break the habit of candy treats. It wasn’t an easy battle, not to mention the amount of. “support” from other people as no body wants to be the bad cop plus manipulative nature of his!

Nevertheless, it pays off, the efforts and pains of enduring his wailing, and feet stomping n any other antics we mums experience. Today I picked Jude from school and met with all three Of his class teacher, assistant teacher. I was told Jude refuse candy treats from teacher. He said:”mummy said cannot eat sweet sweet, biscuits only can..”

Despite the whole class of 18students savouring on candies, my 33mths old Jude did not fall into trap, and happily requested for a biscuit treat and was
Contented. He didn’t even fall for chocolate treats.

I was beaming with joy. Knowing that Jude is aware of difference between junks an healthy snacks. Pray that his self control will remain. On the side note, we are not really that stringent that absolutely no candies. But we do feel it’s essential to minimized.


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