Zoo Negara 23Feb2012

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Mids of February, Manfred mentioned he would love to go National zoo again. I told him we will think about it and see if we could arrange a trip there. 23Feb2012 was hub birthday and he took a day off. Hub was very kind to bring us all to the National zoo for 2nd time.

We told the boys there will be no stroller for them. Although we will bring stroller along, but it will solely to stroll around our packed lunch, drinks, and bags! The last round we went, the food was horrid!! So we packed our lunch instead.

This time we let them took the train ride. First stop was at the Tiger exhibit. We walked the whole area visiting tigers, lion, bear, cheetah, saw some crocodiles, tortoise, rhinos etc….. They both could appreciate zoo trip more and more willing to walk on their own, Hence less tiring for hub and myself.

IT drizzles a while around 2pm and we were near by the amphitheater. So we stopped at the cafeteria nearby and have our packed lunch. Of course we order some nuggets and ABC so the owner won’t stare at us. 😛

AFter the rain stopped, we went to the children’s world where they get to see some baby rabbits,


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