I had 2 Fridays evening off. Hub took care of both boys today after work and I went have dinner with my buds. And I shop for a little while till all shops were closed. So I have no choice to
Go home.

I needed this break so so much. I enjoy spending time with my family. But I need some time alone… Not working, not minding kids, not thinking.. Just ME.

After I had enough of it.. Guilt strike. Haha typical me..


3 thoughts on “Me

  1. You are so right that although we enjoy and cherish time spent with our family, we need time on our own… to recharge ourselves and just to stay sane! Even for a short while, a little break works wonders.

  2. i long to have some ME time too… holidaying alone for a few days would be bliss :-D. I know I’ll miss them, but the little break will be so good for my sanity.

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