Woohoo holiday!

Today will be last schooling day before their week holiday starts. Honestly I haven’t really plan anything to do with them.

We dread holiday plan cause it’s really crowded and we won’t enjoy it. Meanwhile my mum misses the boys and requested to let them stay at her place. It will be good as I won’t have anyone to take care of them and I would have to stay home for a week during their holiday.

Tonight I will be going out for dinner with few buddies and hub has agreed to take the boys and coach them both to finish their homework.

Jude doesn’t have any homework, but he just loves to follow suit his kor kor. So everyday I need to come up with something to keep him occupied so he feels “important” too!

The day before rains for so long and the sky became so clear. We visited usual eatery place that has KL view and hub commented that the view was so clear that it almost like we watching on HD TV.

Last night in my sleeps, I was so chilly that I had to cover my whole whole body. And bear in mind we didnt even have our air cond on, we only open up the window and have fan.

Love the breezy cold weather…


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