Growth spur?

Manfred is now officially 4.5yo. Most time he doesn’t give me big headache when comes to eating. He pretty much not very choosy and eats mostly what given to him.

Lately, he been requesting to have lots of rice during dinner time. Yesterday he surprised me with his appetite. He came home from school and had 4piece of mini lotus bun. It was about 5pm. I anticipate that by dinner probably he won’t be interested in the rice anymore.

At 7pm, I was getting Jude ready for dinner. Manfred came help me in the kitchen. Again he said:”mummy I want a lot a lot of rice.” so I gave him his normal portion of about a bowl full of rice. Then he happily chomp down everything in his plate. Which includes baked beans and egg, stir fried bean sprouts, fish cake and fried fish..

Jude was co-operate too. He hasn’t been much of a foodie and we battle constantly whenever meal time comes.
Finger cross and hopefully we will get to where we are with Manfred.




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