Cooking with Happy Call


I got my pan last week, during my absolute under weather day. I chuck it underneath my drawer and hoping I will get to use it.

Today I was forced to do some grocery shopping as kids milk dried out, rice also kosong, and my crackers are left with merely 10. So after dropping them to school, I make a quick run to Aeon, and decided to cook a simple dinner.

I bought salmon, and bean sprout, and some mushroom. I marinated the salmon with lemon & herbs, Italians herbs, black pepper and some salt.

Evening time, I just place the salmon into my Happy call pan, and drizzle some olive oil and soy sauce in it. I snapped the pan, cook for about 4min, then turn to the other side and cook for about 2min. And the fish is done. The texture was just nice. Not over cooked hence the meat was still soft and juicy.

I then sautéed the mushroom with some salt, took about 2min, then I add in seasoning for bean sprout, (salt, sugar and some chicken cube) then throw the bean sprout in, and little bit water. Close the pan, cook for 1min.

And dinner was served!

I am quite happy with the pan, as it’s totally non-stick, and cleaning was a breeze too.





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