9th of certain month

Both my boys were born on 9th, one in nov and another may. They were exactly 18months apart.

Tomolo Jude will turn 3yo. He will skip school and hopefully hub and I will bring him out for some alone time. Manfred will be in school as its exam week.

I can’t believe Jude is 3. Feels like he was still that baby boy that glued to me all the time. Wanting to be nursed, rejecting bottles, rejecting formula……. And yet weaning him off breast was not an issue… He is much much more independent now. And still as witty as ever. He often surprise us with his very grown up version of statement or replies. Frequently got us choked and laughing non stop.

This year, daddy bought him captain America figurine. Last for 1hour only and the mechanism wasn’t functioning well already. And his yiyi and yi zhang (my sis and bil) was so thoughtful that they bought him a scooter, still wrapped nicely in living room, and he shall wake up next morning to perform his scooter boy stunt.

He is little bit more manja lately, I suspect due to old tales beliefs that when mummy is preggy, the kids tend to act up a lot. Nevertheless, I need to enjoy his manjaness, soon I won’t have that much time for him, and he might outgrown the stage very soon too. Looking at Manfred whom is 4.5yo and is already not needing me that much.

We are in the transition of making them sleep by themselves, on mattress, not own room as we don’t have extra room for them. First 2night went well they sleep through till Sunrise and did not crawl onto our bed in the middle Of the night. On 3rd day onwards Jude starts climbing in at 7am… Now he back to climbing up midnight again! Stubborn Jude!
Manfred on other hand, adapting well, he hasn’t had problem sleeping on his own plus hasn’t invade our territory yet! This has to be done, to both Of
Them, to sleep on their own. Making way for no3, as I prefer co-sleep
With no3 so it will be easier for bfeeding.


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