Cooking – Sambal Petai prawn

Hasn’t cook this dish for so long. Suddenly crave for it! And shocked to know the price for Petai is so expensive lately!

I cook it with some prawn and pork.
And thank goodness my hub is not fussy. I prepared a very odd dinner for him, he have Petai prawn with a bowl of salad. Luckily hub doesn’t complain!




One thought on “Cooking – Sambal Petai prawn

  1. jess


    Nice petai. Look yummy. My hubby don’t really like it. So no petai at home. U been cooking regularly. That’s good. I also did some cooking at home. Been working n eating outside most of the time. It is best to do some light cooking at home. I still haven’t got my pan yet. So can’t try on it.

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