Controversial subject

This question is often raised! Should we or should we not stay with the in laws.

Well, again, if you viewed it another way, should we or should we not learn to be independent on our own.

Never ending arguments. My own mother always say MUST STAY WITH THE ELDERS! Must take care of them. Yet she share horror stories of how she being mistreated as a DIL. Well, can’t blame her. Her era really no body want to be DIL.

Of course nowadays we do not hear those horror MIL stories anymore. More often. People these days are different, most MIL treat their DIL probably better than their own daughter. I am staying with my MIL and I have to say there is tonnes of pros than cons.

With all the blessing, the care, the helps and everything, no doubt it’s nice to be well taken care off, but at times, I can’t help to wonder, when time comes. Will we be able to be on our own? Thats the truth that will hit me most hard.

I had fair share of adjusting life back to not having a live in maid. We were determined but I never said it was an easy battle. So I guess when it’s time for us to be on our own, we have another big adjustment to be done. With Lords
Presence, I guess I need not worry. I shall pray.


2 thoughts on “Controversial subject

  1. Those who doesn’t have pils, wish they
    Have pil stay with them. Those that have wish to be left alone. Just cherish them while u can and when time comes, everything will fall back into the right place. Of cos, the start will always be hardest but it’s only temporary 🙂

  2. I stayed with my MIL, SIL & BIL for close to 5 yrs before moving out to our own place. I never once quarrelled with any of them. In fact, they treat me good. But I felt I needed my own space once I had the kid. Kids run around and mess up the place and play with things they shd not play with. I wanted to avoid all those situations. Living with inlaws involves give & take. The question is who is giving & who is taking. Its a matter of time when we really need to stop giving or stop taking. I didnt want to wait until we quarrel. So better for me to move out in good times than wait for the bad time. I do invite them over for dinner regularly though as we are not too far away. At least they know we are still “round the corner”.

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