I dread this weekend

Jude started to have fever since Thursday, came suddenly. I was puzzled as he didn’t have any cough or running nose. It just happened.

He did complain ear pain but doc said ear was clear and only very mild throat infection. And Friday night he cries when I brush his teeth. HFMD cross my mind, but I couldn’t spot anything in this mouth, nor the hand nor his legs.

Sat morning after our Hakka Lui cha breakfast; Jude was crying complaining ear pain again. I told hub we need to bring him to paed. The day before we visited general practitioner as it was evening and paed was close already.

Doc spotted throat full of ulcers, I manage to see it finally at the clinic, and the red spots on hand and leg also start to surface. And over the past 12hours, the red spots is increasing.

Now, 9hours after Jude came back from clinic with confirmed HFMD, I realized Manfred start to feel feverish, and I see the first blister on his elbow.

I dread this week….. We already cancel everything over the weekend, no Sunday mass, no birthday party, no primary mass, Haiz…

And I feel the worst for Jude, he is suppose to have his birthday party at school on coming Monday…… Now we will have to eat the cake ourselves, with no party. And no one to give the party packs to….

So sorry Jude, you never had a proper birthday party and now we even have to call off your school party.


One thought on “I dread this weekend

  1. jess


    My daughter have the same thing 3 weeks ago. U have to ask them wash hand regularly. U have have to do the same thing as u r pregnant. I can’t see my daughter for 1 weeks plus. There is this paed in tmn pertama, a very good doc especially on this HFMD but slightly costly. If u want the contact do let me know. Take care.

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