HFMD episode




This is on 2nd day since we confirm Jude HFMD. I couldn’t get a pic on his throat. But I checked this morning and I can see the pus of the ulcers has reduce tremendously. The aloclair helps a lot. Jude is at least able to eat some ice-cream, yogurt, milk, oat and soft fruits.

He didn’t complain much except during meal. But now with aloclair he can eat and pretty much still very active and happy.

As for manfred, he develop fever since last night, and complain his head very pain. I gave him paracetamol at 12am. And another dose at 9am. And I went pharmacy to get him aloclair to spray on his throat. And feed him Bufen given by Jude paed. Manfred still have appetite to eat and besides feverish, he is still active and eating well. I hope his immune system is stronger and can get away without blisters..


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