Birthday cake

Jude’s birthday falls on the 9th. But this year the school exam week is held on 2nd week of the month, so school postpone the May birthday kids celebration to the 21May.

I have ordered a cake according to Jude’s request from Joanna. I also have the party packs stuffs all ready. But due to HFMD episode, we need to call off the celebration at school. So we were left with the huge cake at home for 4adults 2kiddo.

If you looking for a home baker, hop over to Joanne blog. She even help me bake teachers day cuppies!





5 thoughts on “Birthday cake

  1. Thanks Lynette for the recommendation. Glad the boys liked it.
    Rachel, if this year you are hosting Christmas get-together for blogger moms again, Confections boleh sponsor lagi 😀

    1. Lynette Chua

      Lol, we didn’t manage to eat the whole cake. But 80% of it. We have to distribute it to our aunts who resides in old folks home nearby. No way all of us could finish the cake ourselves.

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