Do you have craving for food that is forbid during pregnancy? I have craving over some “not so encouraged” food…

I crave a lot for spicy food.. Despite doc kept mentioning don’t eat spicy food don’t eat spicy food…

And u know how Chinese people says pineapple could caused miscarriage?? I tell you… It’s a myth… I curi-curi eat a slice a day for good 1month… Oh yes! I even crave for pineapple!!!!!

And worst of all, I actually crave for wine chicken a lot. U know those confinement period dish… And I love ginger a lot… And I sprinkle lots of pepper in my porridge……..

Does any of you do that???what’s the weirdest craving u have? And u ever sneak out quietly to have a quick fix on the craving?


3 thoughts on “Craving

  1. jess


    I crave for salty stuff n love vege a lot begining of my pregnancy.

    I believes every 3 mths the eating habit different. Love sweet potatoes now especially the purple color one with lot of ginger.

    I don’t eat peanut since young. I don’t like nutty stuff. But now I crave peanut butter biscuit. The julie’s peanut butter. Sigh………..

  2. u are not alone 😉

    i had cravings for all pregnancy taboo food. a cup of coffee every single day for the whole 9 mths. and not decaf mind u. i had lots of pineapples too!

    i believe it is ok to have them as long as we have them in moderation.

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