Is it for real?

No3 is 16weeks plus now. Went for app on Wednesday. Doc said its a boy. I asked him the same question I asked when Jude was in my belly at 16week too….:”are you sure? Do we need to wait another month to get a firm answer?”

Doc refer to the ultrasound again….. Starring at the screen for a few seconds, turn to me with his usual smiley face and said;”confirm, it’s a boy, there this is his kukubird.”

Of coz I know nothing from the scan except recognizing the head, hands, feets. I am happy if its boy. Merrier ma.

Went home told my mil and text my mom. Everyone seems to accept it well, like I am destined to not have a daughter. Lol.

Then next day my mom called me. Are you sure? Jude kept saying its a mei mei wor. Jude quite accurate one wor. My mother sounds a bit disappointed. I guess she really hope for a girl for me. Funny thought!

Hub reaction was rather surprising too. All along I thought he didn’t mind anything. He called home on evening, and I break the news to him. He said:”sure a? Aiyah, then sure no3 also glued to you more lo….. Now both boys also sticky glue u more…..”

I was bit surprised to hear that. Sounds like he has an idea of little princess will be the cute loving princess that will manja the daddy to no end and melts his heart all the time.

Anyway. It’s only 16weeks. No one is affirmed till the baby is born. I am still the same. Healthy priority! Boy or girl it doesn’t make any difference to me.


5 thoughts on “Is it for real?

  1. We will love them equally no matter girl or boy. After all, he/she is inside us for months!!! How can we not love them? A friend of mine (in Singapore!) has 5 boys! All of us pengsan when we knew but she was cool. She says its good, they keep each other company and she has lots of time to bake!!

  2. jacss

    welcome to the boys club 😀 u certainly sounds much wiser & cooler than me!! i was terribly dissapointed, upset & sad with the news back then, probably bcoz i wanted a girl so badly….
    but then, eventually when i met him….it was naturally love at first sight. we love that little notty baobei so much that he’s so spoilt now 😀

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