Jude says

1- Jude went try rock climbing, go back my parent place we show my sister his video. So my sister ask Jude

Jean: why you never bring me along?”

Jude: you drive your own car and come la!


2- dinner time and Jude says he wants noodles, food were ready and suddenly he said he wants to play first. I firmly told him he needs to eat first!

Jude: I don’t wan friend you mummy!

Me: fine, tonight don’t sleep my room, pack your pyjamas sleep your god ma house.

Jude: hmph! I sleep my own house!

Jude god ma: where is your own house?

Jude: I don’t know! But it’s not ready yet!

This fella. Cannot lose one. He must come up with something to say for the sake of saying. 输人不输阵


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