Blessed evening catching up

It’s a blessed Sunday evening. We had steamboat session at one of our buddy house. She made the hassle to prepare a great steamboat dinner for all of us.

I had so much prawn, vege, brinjal… Till my preggy belly all bloated… I could sleep standing!

Felt truly blessed as m&j is really grown and they can pretty much entertained themselves. I usually feed them at home so I don’t stressed out if they don’t eat well at gathering/party.

I had full 2hours slowly enjoy my food plus chatting.. Although in between the boys will come in and disturb me for a few min. It’s worth while. I had great time. After 2hour, my spouse starts to make his move…. He send his first born to tell me it’s time to go HOME! Lol.

Well, it was already 940pm, time flies when u r having good time. For the fact that I stay in Cheras where as all my best friends stays in klang…. 😦 everrytime after gathering hub has to drive 45min home and the kids will usually fall asleep in the car. Then they will cried a little whenever we reach home n when I clean them up and dress them in pyjamas. Stressed on the post party part. But worth worth worth.

Happy happy day and I thank lord for surrounding me with great pals that willing to make time for each other, thou we don’t meet often, but we need not a second to warm up.. And I thank God for a understanding hub, a pair of well behaved boys.


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