Fun time during school holiday.

Hub took 2days off from work. We decided to do water park plus a theme park outing as we promised earlier.

On Monday, we went to Sunway lagoon. Reached at 12plus and was put off immediately when we see the Q at ticket counter. Not wanting to waste the off day and disappoints the boys, I told hub I will go Q for tickets first while he go park the car with the boys.

45mins Q and finally we entered the park! Praise the lord, the boys waited patiently for the tickets, very well behaved wait for us to get them ready for water park. The sky was cloudy and we risked getting the tickets still and the weather was great the whole day. Not too hot! Just nice for water park.

We had so much fun till we had late lunch @ marrybrown. The food I ordered was not enough cause the boys were starving and they ate so fast and asked for more!!! But Q was long and I told them to wait till dinner time. We continue playing at waterpark till 4.30pm, and showered. We were left with merely 30mins to visit the amusement park after shower as it was quite crowded in the toilet.

Anyhow they went on few rides and it was enough to make them happy and content. We left the park at 6pm, both were very happy boys! And they napped in the car, got home and cousins were waiting to play with them.

We loved Sunway lagoon and hope to visit there again. Next time we will go earlier and make sure we cover their amusement park, water park and wild life park. It’s a great place with just the right size for my kids age.

On Tuesday, I told hub I prefer finish some house chores before we go out. So we left house at 1.30pm to berjaya times square. There were a road closure and we made last minute decision to park our car at jalan maharajalela, and took monorail to BTS. Great choice coz the boys been wanting to get on a train for so long.

We spent about 3hours at the berjaya theme park. We only do the kids rides. Most rides they go on themselves. Whenever needed, hub accompanied them. One good thing is I told the ticketing officer I am pregnant and I won’t be going on rides, can I not get an tickets? She said its compulsory. But she was kind to charge me only guardian ticket, which was only RM10, instead of adult ticket of Rm37.

I feel so happy. We did some window shopping at BTS, and before we leave, we let the boys enter the theme park and take last 3rounds of rides again.. Then we left to take monorail at 9pm.

I am drop dead tired by now. But feel very happy to have bring them out. They been confined home much late due to my lack of energy. More importantly, they had our full attention fe 2days, hence they behave better too.

I feel they have grown…….. Giving me more confident in being a mom again.. I
mean to be a mom to more than 2boys.


One thought on “Fun time during school holiday.

  1. jess


    Let me know early if you need the sunway lagoon ticket. I can get cheap price and priority Q-ing.

    Glad all of you have a great day, while – i am working like a cow in the office.

    Take care

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