I have to admit, I am quite germaphobic. I was much worst than what I am today.

One rule that I can’t seem to let go is – everyone must get showered before sleep. I feel that when we are out, we get in contact with so many germs. The place we sit, the public toilet we go to, we could catch germs anywhere, how can we sleep with peace of mind without washing up!!

And biggest problem of all, if we got home late, sometimes the boys would have fall asleep. But I still drag them to the toilet and shower them, then let them go to bed. Oh yes, there sure is a lot of crying and wailing. After getting them washed, I still have to unload the bags, wash the bottles, shower myself etx…
So u can imagine how tired I would be after each outing.

What do you do when your kid is out whole day? And fall asleep in the car? Do u allow them to go to bed without a clean shower? My MIL used to nag a lot caused I wake a sleepy head to shower. Her point was kid could catch a cold! Well I was more worried of the damage of potential germs could do.

Well, finally no more nagging and it has become a norm to shower after outing. 🙂 Jude even enjoy it as a SPA, he will sleep while we clean him in a tub.


3 thoughts on “Germaphobic

  1. Wuah, you really clean oh! I wont wake Bryan up if he falls asleep in the car on our way back but will wipe his hands & feet and lightly wipe his body before I change into pyjamas.

  2. Cynthia

    I will normally just use a handkie to wipe the hands and feet and change Princess while she is in her lala-land.. doesn’t want to wake her to spare the noise… and yet, get herself clean too..

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