More hugs needed

I missed the parent-teacher meeting over the weekend. I scheduled to meet up with the class teacher today instead.

Jude teacher didn’t have much to say since he is only 3yo. And teacher and everyone in school seems to love Jude to bit. (must be his chatty nature)

Teacher said Jude love to behave mature and likes to treated as elder kids, he loves helping teacher out in class too.

As for Manfred, teacher gives quite positive feedback to this attentiveness in class, his work, he picking up on BM & mandarin, and he is socializing well with his peer too. This year class teacher taught Manfred in last year too. And the only area we need to work on is manfred is still quite a sensitive child. He gets upset pretty easily, and he needs a lot of hug and loves, (even from school teacher :p)

And teacher also mention it could be didi “popularity” has cause little bit of jealousy and competition raised from manfred. We shall look into it and give manfred more praises, boost his confident.


One thought on “More hugs needed

  1. Jess


    I am taking a 2 days off from work just to send my daughter to school. And she just start her lesson yesterday,

    1st day, it was a crying scenario for mum and my daughter. She cried non stop, kicking and yelling. Today (2nd day) the daddy n myself send her to school and daddy accompany her to the class, while i sat outside talking to my fren (my fren own the pre school).
    When my fren asked her daddy leaves the room similar thing happen as of yesterday. Sigh…..And myself cant stop crying as well hearing her yelling for daddy. So heart sick……Well i c other parent just drop off the kid and go and some still crying…but the parent was not emotional at all. They just left them with the teacher and go off. ………… Is it becoz she my 1st one and everything was priority to her.

    Tomolo – will be another chapter of the story ……tomolo i have assign my mum and her daddy to bring her to school, hopefully w/o me around she knew she cant escape.

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