Wedding banquet

Yesterday attended one of my buddy wedding dinner. There is only a few of us that is not married for now.

Those married all have at least 1kid! There were one period of time, attending wedding dinner was not joyous to me. Cause the boys were younger, they won’t sit still, they won’t eat, and all they want was “run around”. Means either hub or I won’t get to eat, don’t get to chat, don’t get to do anything except babysit!

But lately it’s been better. Thou difficult we usually bring them along for wedding dinner. And yesterday I fed them fish porridge at 6.30pm before we left my mum place to the restaurant. We were cool if they weren’t gonna eat. But they surprised us by eating 90% of the dishes..and practically eat from start to finish, in between mingle around with their own peers… Bliss and enjoy…

This is Jude, munching on a yam shaped into fish shape!



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