Bestsie wedding

I attended another best friend wedding just 2days back. It was a weekday, and considering the journey to the groom place was 3hours drive each way, I told hub I will go myself instead of tagging him and the kids along. Hub was kind enough to take a day off to mind the boys. And he really did a great job.

I overnight at my parent place the day before. And rise and shine at 5.30am… *yawn* we had scrumptious breakkie at the brides house, and all the Ji muis were dressed in pink dress of different tones. I absolutely heart it.

We had good time playing games with the groom and heng tais! And we got a big fat Ang pau from generous groom. Well, it was all blood and sweats.. It’s been 2year plus since the last wedding among our best friend. Kinda miss it and now we look forward to another best friend wedding in Nov. too bad I will be missing out on that one as very high chance I will be still in my confinement unless no3 comes über early like in early oct.


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