Silly hormone

For a good few months time, I havent been feeling emo. I found back the pace and is happy again.

However, just this week, I think I did too much spring cleaning, which adds tolls to my body, and my back was aching. Plus Jude wasn’t in his mood to eat which adds to my stress, plus our Mr Big Boy dilly dally on few stuffs which ticks me off furiously.

I end up having night mare just last night. I had a night mare whereby Mr big boy doesn’t care about my feeling and doesn’t show his tender loving to me, I was so upset in my dream, I end up woke up middle of the night sobbing. (it was the hormone)

I was so tired practically all I want was continue to sleep, but the sobbing won’t stop, till Mr big man asked me what’s wrong.

Side note, it was good that I woke him up, told him that I was really drained and his addiction the 1-2hour football session daily was not helping. (well, If it’s isn’t football session on PS probably I won’t quite mind)


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