Breast pump

When I deliver Manfred, I use a cheapo pureen breast pump, i wasn’t quite equip with bfeeding knowledge and wasn’t willing to invest in the breast pump. and with Manfred i only bfeed for 1 month only. depressing fact!

When I deliver Jude, I bought a Medela single Electric Plus pump. serves me well since I actually direct feed more. And towards 7-8mths into breastfeeding, I rarely use my breast pump anymore since I mastered the skill of manual expressing (using my hand).

As preparing for No 3 arrival, (another 12weeks to go), today I dug out my well packed Medela, heeheh very well kept, box nicely kept, all the accessories still in tact. I called up the service centre and I shall send the motor unit for service. And then I would have another To-Do crossed off my list. (Thank God I didn’t give away the pump and my sterilizer).

I gave away many baby stuffs.. but don’t know why these 2 items somehow still sitting in my storage.


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