Special child of mine

He indeed is a very special child of mine. My feeling towards him is really love and hate…. Lol truly, he will test and test and test my patient to the max. Never follow rules, very hard headed, very determined. He will be someone one day, but definitely we need Lord’s guidance to get there. And rest assured there will be storms, unpaved path ahead..

He is a very independent child, yet he whines a lot and tells you he can’t do anything, simply because he enjoys being little baby boy, and let mama papa does everything for him. He will demand u draw a car for him, leaving only space to put up 2cirlces as the wheels..or draw up the whole house leaving space for 2squarish window… And he claims it as his drawing.

So I assume he just not ready to be drawing anything. But yesterday while we were having toast as usual at toast box, I gave them paper and pen as usual to occupy them, he surprised us by coming up with this..


All by himself, if someone aided him, it must be an angel sent from above. Lol


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