Cooking – beef lasagna

I tried cooking lasagna last weekend. DISASTROUS!

Today I am more careful. My lasagna doesn’t stick like last attempt. And I opt to use mozzarella cheese instead of cooking the cheese sauce.

The taste and colour turns out ok. I will give it 6/10. There is definitely room for improvement. What I don’t understand is why my lasagna won’t stay firm. It collapses! Is it because too much sauce? Any tips?



One thought on “Cooking – beef lasagna

  1. jess

    Lyn morning.

    Ur lasagna look delicious n I m hungry now. I believes one of the reason will be the sauce. The sauce contain lot of water. Have u cook the sauce again b4 u put onto ur lasagna? The sauce have to be thicken. The vege did u drain it well enuff? All these might b one of the factor. Well all the best on ur try n error again ya.

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