Jude made lemonade, M&J helped

Went jusco today to buy a lemon for roast chicken. M&J saw the lemon and insist we buy a few more to make lemonade. they read the book teddy help and they got the idea they could buy lemon to make lemonade drink. They were so sweet they say:”mummy I want to buy lemon to make lemonade for daddy.” now who would say no to such sweet thought?

Right after dinner they both kept bugging me to get started. Of course we had to wait till all dishes were cleared. In the end manfred was hooked on tv and Jude helped out.

He tried squeezing the lemon with all his might, lol of coz failed. I gave him a little hand…… Then he helped to stir the sugar in hot water. Then we add ice into our lemon juice.

It was so sourish!!! But great drink to have right after our heavy roast chicken dinner.

Mummy: how do you make lemonade?

Manfred: just squeeze the lemon.

Jude: no! Cut the lemon first, then squeeze it!

Mummy: what else we add into it?

Jude: sugar!

Mummy: so what we need to make lemonade?

Jude: lemon, ice, and sugar!

Great job boys! U guys are learning. No problem u two slow down mummy’s progress at the supermarket, no problem u wet the kitchen floor when you both helped to rinse the dishes, no problem u both mopped the floor till its soaking wet cause u were not strong enough to dry the mop…………

What matter most is, u both always keen to help out……. And that counts..


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