Kiasu Jude

The kiasuness in him, absolutely drives me nuts! Real nuts!

As u know m&j were only 18months apart. 18mths is not much but yet there ought be some milestone development differences.

When we praise Manfred that he can button his own shirt.
Jude: I want to button myself (in his most annoying whining tone) accompanied with drama of rolling on the floor cause he couldn’t do it himself.

Try helping him and the drama goes on…

Manfred training wheels went out of shape and he gradually could pedal without support of the training wheel. So we encourage manfred to practice balance on 2wheels only.

Jude: I want cycle on 2tyres! But my one kenot! My small tyre not same!! Woowaaaaa woowaaaa

Me?! Blood boiling until I perspire but try very hard not to lose my temper and smile at him…

Me: when you 5years old your bicycle also will be like that then you can pedal on 2tyres ok….

Jude: wooowaaaa I want daddy!!!!!!

*it was lucky for Jude and myself as daddy got home just in time…. So daddy handy manny something on his bicycle so his wheel also off balance by tiny bit… Just to make the kiasu Jude happy..

Sigh… Jude, mummy never push you to do anything kor kor can do.. You are already doing so so great. Many times you pick up knowledges, and new things on your own, you surprise me lots of time… You really do not need to be so kiasu.. Mummy still loves you…..

Who got a very competitive and kiasu no2????


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