School reopened

School reopened today. But the boys skipped school. Both had running nose. Jude even had mild fever. Not wanting to risk them get worse, I brought both to paed and I make a quick visit to gynae as well.

Tomorrow I shall let manfred go back to school. Jude we will see as he has mild fever and his nose block is more serious.

Lately manfred appetite is very good. He must be going through another growth spur. Or he could simply want to please us. He kept telling me “mummy I good boy I eat a lot of healthy food.” oh yes manfred you indeed pleased mummy.

Jude still not a foodie but at least his intake is regular. Won’t want to force him too much. But really eating well contributes to healthy body. Just 2-3days of letting them indulge in junk like candies, jellies, they both fall ill… Probably due to lack of sleep during holiday it triggers it even more.

The boys been refrained from junks for quite sometimes and it really doing us lots of goods. They are healthier and can see their energy level better too.

Side note no3 is approaching 30weeks. Last night hub made a remark that my belly is really huge now. And I casually reminded him we are about 8weeks away from welcoming family of 5.

He exclaims:”what? That’s fast! Oh no! By then it’s chaos” exactly what I was thinking. Lol we haven’t been used to chaotic for quite some time. But God has it planned for us. We just have to get prepared. We have also have named our third baby. Can’t wait to meet him now.

PS: the name has a meaning of “gift of god” and it was taken from gospel of John. We are loving the name just as much as we love our first 2 boys name.


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