My thoughtful Manfred

Both M&J fights a lot. They enjoy each other company yet they get to each others nerve every single day. I am practically tired of trying to make peace between them, I tried very hard to let them sort things out between themselves. Of course at times we adults still need to step up.

Lately, I been telling Manfred to just ignore Jude whenever Jude disobey or simply being Jude.( Jude has a reputation of being opposition to us, he purposely choose opposite of whatever majority wants)
I have also mentioned to both of them their quarrels gives me headaches….

And maybe some people been telling manfred to be considerate or so…. Now when I ask Manfred to give in to his didi, he gladly obeyed, and he been eating his food without giving me much troubles, he switch off tv right after 1-2programme, and proceeds to reading everyday morning and night without I asking him to….

All in all, gives me more peace of mind. I asked him why is he so good boy lately and that I thanked him and very happy to see him like this. He actually replied me:”because I want to be a good boy, so I eat a lot of healthy food.”

And he also said:”because I don’t want you to vomit and sick sick so I be good boy..”

Totally gives me a boost of confident that he has taken a few more leaps forward to being a kor kor.. A real big kor kor, that knows how to give in to his little brother… Soon brothers… And he starts to have more compassion towards Jude, when Jude got in trouble, like being sent to corner or get a spanking from us, a few times manfred actually pleaded us not to punish him…..

He definitely has grown up so much, physically, mentally and emotionally… Have I mention before he does always make me feel very proud? Oh,, don’t get me wrong that I don’t love Jude, they are just so different. Jude practically embarrasses me anytime anywhere, and challenges me every single day… Yet I find myself still love him so much.. I just wish I know whats the right parenting to do with him…. It still drives me bonkers whenever comes to disciplinary with Jude, but I have learnt to cast it to God, I am sure He had it in control…


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