Pregnancy no3 update

Totally need to rant a bit. I been feeling extremely sleepy for past few weeks.. I can sleep a lot and keep wanting to nap. I can’t find a comfy position to sit… The best position is sit with my both legs wide open which… Ahem! How am I suppose to when I am OUT?!

And the vomit episodes kicks in again!!! Most breakfast mostly ends up in my toilet bowl again. Appetite has changed, means I don’t know what I want to eat… So a lot of time end up I over starve myself, hence lead to bloated tummy, and I will wallop anything I can find, and later on tummy disagree then I will throw up in the toilet again…

Clock is ticking and now is really time for me to clear a drawer for no3 clothing. And more spring cleaning to be done. I still need to toss away stuffs to find space. And also organize M&J toys during my confinement. I can’t allow too many toys so it will be less mess.

Still can’t find my confinement helper. Sigh…. But might start asking part timer to come for cleaning and ironing.. Make a few inquiries already and found one which is quite promising(over the phone)..


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